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We take the time to fully understand your needs. This means knowledge of both the industry and your company, assisting you in developing selection criteria for the position, and developing a profile on the "ideal" candidate.


We identify qualified candidates for your company. This begins by developing a search strategy to find the right candidates. The process involves research across the country. Top candidates are then presented to you by way of a written background. Fifty percent of our Account Executives average day is spent on searching...that is the key to our success in identifying quality people.


We effectively recruit top candidates. Our objective is to ensure that the candidate remains sincerely interested in your opportunity and that when you are ready to make an offer, the candidate is ready to accept. This requires both selling the opportunity and orchestrating the interviews to ensure a smooth and professional experience for both client and candidate.


We network constantly with current top candidates and clients to find new candidates to include in our search opportunities. The Healthcare community is close knit and the best way to find top talent within is to meet with successful, employed, candidates and find out who they know and respect.


This amount shall not exceed 25% of total compensation. Our standard fee for contingency recruiting is 25% of the hired candidate`s first year salary. For purposes of this agreement, the total compensation may include all bonuses, signing bonuses and other incentives paid by the employer during the first year of employment. Discounts for multiple searches can be negotiated.

Billing Contingency

Fees shall be billed when the candidate accepts offer and due within the first fifteen (15) days from date of employment. Fees unpaid within thirty days from due date will be subject to a monthly surcharge of 1.5%. In the event that the services of an attorney are required by The Recruiting Network to enforce any of the obligations accruing under this Agreement, employer hereby agrees to pay all reasonable attorney`s fees and court costs expended by The Recruiting Network in enforcing this Agreement.


Should a candidate leave for any reason within ninety (90) days of placement, we will undertake a new search without fee.

Client Reccommendation:

It’s rare that you come across outstanding customer service, resources, and expertise as provided by Monte and his team with TRN – Virtual Recruitment Network. I worked with Senior Leadership at NOMS to contract Monte and TRN with to help staff over 20 hard to fill clinical positions including Nurse Practitioners, LPNs, and Medical Assistants. I was particularly impressed by Monte’s ability to handle even the toughest recruitment demands —effortlessly. Monte kept me informed of highly qualified candidates on a daily basis. Candidates commented frequently that they felt supported by Monte and his team during the recruitment and interview processes. No matter how tense the recruitment and sourcing expectations, Monte made sure to meet the demand. Monte is a true asset for any growing healthcare organization needing to recruit top talent in a short amount of time. Montes communication skills, ability to quickly identify staffing needs, and leadership would benefit any company needing to source and hire the very best talent. Monte and his professional recruitment and research team earns my highest recommendation.





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